What’s inside the Operation Christmas Box Christmas Box 2012?


The Diamond Jubilee edition of the Operation Christmas BoxThanks! 2012 Christmas Box was packed at the start of September.  The majority of them are already on their way to their various destinations around the world wherever our UK Armed Forces will be on operations and away from their families and loved ones 2010 Launch Imageon 25 December.  Arrangements are also in hand to to deliver boxes to those who will be in hospital over the Christmas holiday period.  Purple Foodservice Solutions, the MOD Food Supply Contractor, will again move the majority of the boxes with only a small number going via the British Forces Post Office (BFPO).  In this way, legitimate mail from loved ones sent through the BFPO postal system will not be displaced nor delayed.

The contents of this year’s Christmas Box will remain a secret to all but a few until Christmas Day.  However, you can see a tantalising glimpse of what is in store for those brave men and women serving our country.  Watch this space to learn more!