Festive launch for this year’s Operation Christmas Box

Festive launch for this year’s Operation Christmas Box Christmas box

The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery launched this year’s Christmas gift boxes today in festive style with the charity Operation Christmas Box Thanks!

Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force personnel joined together with the charity’s trustees and, despite a cheekily defiant horse, the Operation Christmas Box 2010 Christmas box ended up on the top of the tree.

Santa was even there to give his blessing for the presents to be in the hands of the charity rather than the elves.

The red parcels, affectionately known as “square stockings”, are sent out to every serving member of the Armed Forces who will be away from their families over the festive season.

This year the charity is sending out 22,500 presents. The gift boxes contain a mix of useful, fun, amusing and entertaining items, which send a little piece of Christmas to servicemen and women all over the world. Last year’s box included juggling balls, a sewing kit and a deck of cards.

Members of the public are being encouraged not to send their own Christmas boxes to the British Armed Forces abroad as these may delay relatives presents but to donate gifts instead through www.OperationChristmas Box.org.

British Forces News reporter Kaija Larke spoke to Charles Wookey, a Trustee of the charity, Sgt Ian Breeze, Gunner Emma Stevenson.

Original Article: http://www.bfbs.com/news/afghanistan/festive-launch-years-uk4u-christmas-box-41805.html