Feedback Christmas Box 2010


Each year
the Charity Operation Christmas Box asks the troops on operations to comment on the Christmas Box
and its contents.  The Christmas Box 2010
had overwhelming popular reviews and there were many expressions of thanks and
appreciation for what the Charity and the people in the UK are doing, in particular the
realisation that the thoughts of the Nation are with the troops serving
overseas away from their families.  For
some the box was a great surprise, for others who had served away at Christmas
before and had received a box in previous years the comment was ‘the best box

Here is a
small selection of the some of the comments received:

  • Thanks
    for making the effort to brighten up my Christmas, it was greatly appreciated
  • A
    brilliant Christmas box, thanks, there is something that everyone will like
  • It
    feels good to know that we are remembered; thank you for the presents, it’s
    nice to know that people care!
  • Your
    team and charity do a great job, and we all look forward to receiving
    them.  It really is great to open up the
    box on Christmas Day and take everything out one by one and try it out
  • Fabulous
    that every serving person received a box as not everyone has a loved one and
    would therefore not receive a Christmas present – thanks to all involved
  • I
    thought it would be a gimmick but I was very pleasantly surprised.  The contents were great, from the Xmas hat
    used on the day, to the USB hub which works on my laptop.  The bonus is I can use the 2 vouchers when I
    get back to UK
  • Thanks
    to all involved for making a difference to Christmas here in Afghanistan.  I have seen soldiers on Christmas morning
    opening the only present they have ever received, in the company of their
    mates, it is a joy to see, thanks for your efforts
  • Thank
    you – I last deployed two year’s ago, and the tins have got bigger and better
  • A
    really well-stocked and thoughtful gift box, thank you

…… and many more appreciative