Charity Golf Day

Earlier this year, the postponed Operation Christmas Box Charity Golf Day from 9 September 2022 in deference to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, was held at  the Ash Valley Golf Club in Hertfordshire. 


The day was extremely well organised by Ash Valley Golf Club, with John Oakley, the Club Captain, leading the day.  The golf course was in extremely good condition, and there were some low handicapped players who were very impressed with the course.  The clubhouse staff looked after all the golfers and supporters very well throughout the day, constantly serving drinks and snacks.  The golf owner gave permission for the helicopter to land on the first fairway, and the golfers welcomed the opportunity to talk to the pilot and navigator.


 The military support was great - there was a piper and drummer from the RLC on one tee, naval staff serving port on another.  The weather was glorious while the golfers were playing, and it only started to rain as they were all coming in to enjoy hog roast and salads.  


Funds for Operation Christmas Box were raised by sponsorship for each hole, amazing auction prizes, and donations made on the day, including one company, MB Associates, who donated funds for the drinks and snacks. The golfers were encouraged to pay to ‘beat the pro’ to get closest to the hole, and pay a contribution not to have the bosun’s whistle blown while they were teeing off on the first!


The total profit for the day was just over £21,000.